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Shannon - Christian Stickney

Shannon - Team huddle

Shannon - poor journalism

New Gloucester

Shannon - Crossfit 04162014

Shannon - teaser

Shannon - Keegan Kilbride

Lori Parham 04162014

It's about money

EBT reform ideas

Linda Baker

Soaking the rich

Immediate need for the money

Weird tax laws

more nothing

No sense

talking about nothing

Shannon - Angela Coulombe

Shannon - carrots

Shannon - cops

Shannon - cheese

Shannon - Lloyd Alexander

Shannon - stink bugs

Shannon - corsage

Shannon - Ticks

Phil Spiller and Mike Foley 04152014

Candy bars

Happy Birthday Mustang

Kids living at home

Shannon - Weird laws

Shannon - High end bears

Shannon - Rich Burton

Shannon - Runner up

Shannon - Pageant

Shannon - House of Cards

Hoffman, Town and Witworth 04142014

Mary Mayhew and Jeanne Paquette 04142014


Real Affordable Care

Hypnotized by a Gyno

Shannon - Sherri Emery

Shannon - field trip

Shannon - 11 year old

Shannon - Zeb

Shannon - Lisa Dibiase

Shannon - shoe

Shannon - Katie in the county 0411

Shannon - hurdlist

Jasmine Marino

Shawn Moody 04112014

Free ice cream day

Chunky Monkey

Golf, Westbrook and Budgets

Shannon - Narcan

Shannon - Kiss

Shannon - panhandling

Shannon - Ed Suslovic

Shannon - quotes

Shannon - parents don't care

Shannon - award

Golf talk

Medicaid expansion explained

Downeast Dickering update

Big Moose Harley 5 B's

David Ciullo 04102014

Emily needs donations

Good Slogans

Peter McFarland 04102014

Get Your Hot Dogs Here

Fed Up In Westbrook

Shannon - Shave the pits

Shannon - George Smith

Shannon - don't dis your lawyer

Shannon - Crossfit MF 04092014

Shannon - anniversary

Shannon - open

Shannon - slapped

It's a sham

Lori Parham 04092014

Jamie Py 04092014

Marriage fraud

Sisaundra Lewis

Mike Thibodeau 04092014

Eric Holder

Holder Held To Account

Schools Are Government

Shannon - Karen Burnell


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