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1am-5amOvernight America with John Grayson
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6am-9amRay Richardson
9am-11amShannon Moss
11am-1pmHerman Cain
1pm-3pmDennis Miller
3pm-6pmMichael Savage
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1am-7amBest of Mike Gallagher
8am-9am For the Joy of Gardening Tom Estabrook
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10am-11amHR Power Hr Dave Ciullo
11am-1pmTideSmart Talk w/Stevoe
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9pm-1amHollywood 360

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1am-6amBest of Mike Gallagher
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6am-7amBest of Rusty Humphries
8am-8:30amPeoples Gospel Hour
8:30am - 9amBest of Mike Gallagher
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11am-12pmMYOB Pers Debi Davis
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4pm-6pmBest of Mike Gallagher
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